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Crafting experiences and seeking to make the complex beautiful.


I'm a San Francisco based designer who specializes in ui/ux, web and visual design and the murky grey areas in between. I enjoy collaborating to move projects from the earliest conceptual stages through to prototyping, iteration and optimization.

I use the tools of visual communication to help brands and people connect in meaningful ways. This means always striving to create work that's intuitive, thoughtful and imbued with personality. Over the years I've worked with some amazing teams and had the pleasure of designing systems and digital experiences across platforms and sectors, but I believe the best is yet to come. 





UX / UI Design
Web Design
Visual Design
User Research

Graphic Design
Web Development
Print Design
Digital Media Design
Branding Design




Qiuyu Chen
San Francisco, California
+1 (415) 602-5944